In 1978 while the military regime was at work in Brazil, I was born into São Paulo, a city now with 20 million inhabitants. I grew up playing drums in metal bands and skateboarding. My first camera was a manual Canon camera that I would use to take pictures of my friends skateboarding while I was out with ankle sprains from skating.  I moved to New York City in 2001 to pursue a career as a musician.  Once in New York, I took a photography course and haven’t been able to put a camera down since. I began working professionally as a freelance photographer shortly there after. In New York I had a diverse clientele which allowed me to work in a range of styles including editorial, fashion, commercial, sports, events, weddings and corporate portraits. In 2006 I discovered rock climbing which destroyed my desire to live in a big city. Within 9 months I had everything I owned boxed up and was heading out west to Colorado to live close to the mountains. Here in Colorado I have been shooting the climbing scene, landscapes, architecture, portraits and events. Most recently I have been working on projects in Brazil. When I’m not shooting photos I can be found making art, climbing rocks and ice, drumming and growing organic gardens.